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About my Services

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Media Relations

Outreach to trade, local, national business and consumer outlets, as well as broadcast media

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Content Development

Crafting of press releases, case studies, whitepapers, contributed articles, web copy, social media copy, and award and speaking submissions

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Full-Circle Planning

Creation and execution on PR plans, ranging from thosecampaign- specific to full annual strategy

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Launch Support

Assistance with product rollouts, program unveiling and new initiatives

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The overall use of flatsome is very VERY useful. It lacks very few, if any, things! I loved it and have created my first ever website! Best yet, flatsome gets free updates that are great! (and the support is amazing as well!:)

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This theme is amazing, you can customize EVERYTHING! The theme is a game changer for the Envato Market, cant wait for the future with Flatsome. Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

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Excellent work. Very good theme, No need support, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Waiting for version 3.0. Very excited.

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